Spanning Exchange

Among our clients are leading organizations of all branches who want to realize a new way of work, a new constellation and new performance by developing their management competence. To understand the specifics and the conventions of the branch is basis of consultancy. But, if you aim at being top of your industry, for example concerning the innovation process, the procurement management, the personnel development or the dialogue with customers, you might need to have a look around outside your branch more often.

  • HLP work in the following branches and contribute to a spanning exchange of experiences.

    Branches (excerpt)

    Automobile and Supplier Industry
    Aviation and Space Travel
    Banking and Insurance
    Building Industry with Suppliers
    Energy Supply
    Industry of Consumer Products
    Informatics, Telecommunication, Media
    Mechanics, Optics, Electro Technology
    Non-Profit Organizations
    Public and Governmental Research
    Service Providers
    Trade, Machines, Constructions