Consultancy and Responsibility

stuehleWe follow principles
Joint responsibility means to us: connecting people, teams, organisations and cultures, creating development processes together and accept differences. Interaction is the necessary driving power and the motor that creates real motivation and top performance, and takes over where structure and workflows have reached their limits. We create more space for initiative and dialogue, for collaboration and success beyond existing boundaries.

Interactive Consultancy is guided by principles
Targeted on business objectives - no methodical end in itself.
Joint achievements - no one-sided recipes.
Consideration of context - not only technical expertise
Cooperation on all hierarchical levels - not only top-down orders
Commitment through involvement and teamwork - no shying away from results.
Ownership stays with the client - no delegation of responsibility to externals
Learning by doing and application - not just theory
Results via participant dialogue - no unfolding of monuments at project end
Strengthening the client competences and self-confidence - no consultant spotlight performance
Sustainability beyond the assignment - no one-off action


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