Strategy - The right Way to Competative Advantages

meervogelTo find the way to superiority within competition - that is how strategy can be understood. Today, classical approaches are being questioned ever more: Business becomes increasingly short-winded; it becomes more and more difficult to be in the right place at the right time with the right product. Thus, it is necessary to have several options at hand to be able to decide at the right moment. At the same time, the implications are clear: learning faster than before, trying out new things, adapting and leading them to success – or abandoning them in due time.

In such an environment, strategy development is not easy. However, continuous strategy work is nowadays more than ever a key duty of management that needs to be looked at every day.

“Let’s be realistic- let us try the impossible!”
Stanislav Jerzy Lec

The results of a HLP-survey in different organisations shows: the effectiveness of the strategy process – that is, what remains after the initial claim and the implementation in the end - is said to be 15 to 20 percent at best. How come?

One reason seems to be that the reality of the organization with their informal structures, skills and resistances is often being left unconsidered. That is why strategy work for HLP always depends on successful organization development as well.

Strategy Work is also Organization Development

The traditional, strategical planning seems to be less effective and the famous overall strategy concepts are no longer requested at all. Strategy work is nowadays located way closer to the daily business. The attention is put on concepts that can be realized practically and quickly, but at the same time offer sustainability. In consequence, strategy work is also about organizational change abilities.

Successful strategy work is, of course, always guided by proven methods: Market segmentation, competition analysis, models of positioning play an important role. From the HLP point of view, skills and methods of organization development become more and more relevant – like coaching, team development, performance programs, open space sessions etc. - Where the one and only strategic concepts do not take effect anymore, strategy work needs to feature a higher dynamic and lead to faster results. Therefore, HLP has developed a program that combines the classic strategy work with elements of organization development. This program has been successfully implemented in a variety of projects.

Current topics

Strategy Coaching – Accompany the executive board, management, and strategy teams with the implementation of strategy processes, enhance strategic thinking of managers – and integrate the strategy into the daily business.

Strategy for New Business Fields – To develop new markets is the objective. To do so, single strategies for the different business segments are in need – in line with the overall business strategy.

Strategy Review – Gain a clear picture of strategy work in the organization and develop priorities and next steps – the HLP Strategy Review.


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